Earn money by
publishing videos

on Facebook, Twitter, websites or blogs.
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Increase Revenue from Websites

Publishing videos will generate additional income. Don’t opt out from your current ads.

Monetize your audience not only from websites and blogs, do it on social media too.

Decide what clips suit your audience

In your dashboard, you can customize the category of websites and social media profiles. We then match the right content for your audience. To make it even easier, download AutoPlayer and place it on your website. It will then automatically play all available campaigns to you. Without ever changing the code you will promote new content, so in other words, place it once and forget about it.

Build on the most spectator friendly form

native video placement

We know, no one like to click ads. With a native placement integrated video player within your article or post on your blog, the more you interest viewers with promoted video, more money you’ll get.

Time and again increase your CTR

People visiting your website or social media profile are more likely to click a clip video than a regular banner. Publish video campaigns with ViralSeed and increase your CTR (click-through-rate) up to few dozen percent and boost your profits.

Use the reach of your social media profiles

(Facebook, Twitter and others)

You can become one of our Publishers and make money on distributing a video campaign, if you actively run your profile with minimum 200 followers. Insert a generated link on your site and our system will calculate all views fulfilling the criteria of the campaign and you will receive money for them. Remember, you can add as many accounts as you like.

Don’t irritate your followers with boring ads

We understand that you don’t want to annoy your recipients with typical ads. This isn’t a problem with selected videos. Viewers are familiar with watching video content online – all you have to do is choose content accordingly to your audience.

Make a $$$ with ease, every month get your earned funds transferred to your account

ViralSeed platform let you monitor your generated income. On the fourteenth of very month you receive payment for last period via bank transfer or PayPal. If you run a business, just sent us the invoice. Individuals can download automatically generated statement.

Publish your video in 4 steps

 1. Add

your website, blog
or social media profile

2. Choose

the best video player
for your strategy:

  • Embed Player
  • Overlay Player
  • Slider Player
  • Landing Page Player

3. Paste

the code on your website
or share the generated link

4. Monitor

your income in real time

Entertain your audience & earn $$$!

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