ViralSeed® sets
new standards
in the video promotion

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Configure your campaign with easy to use

ViralSeed® platform

We have created platform to promote your video on YouTube. In minutes, you can create the campaign, choose the desired amount of views, select your demographic group defined by age or gender, publisher’s site category and duration.

Gain only user initiated views by Click-To-Play

Most people do not like to watch a compulsory advertisement video, i.e. a pre-roll, especially before actual clip is loaded. Viewers do not engage with pushy ads, that’s why your video won’t be forced upon them. They decide if they want to watch it and if so, their attention will be undivided.

Engage viewers with your content

ViralSeed promotes your campaign through Native Video Placement. We publish your content at the right time and within right context. That’s why viewers watch, comment and share it with others more than they would with other methods.

Increase organic reach of your campaign

with free viral effect

Pay only for the ordered amount of views, any additional from the viral effect are free! The increase of organic views mostly depends on attractiveness of content and campaign scale! The amount of free viral views effectively compensates the campaign cost.

You raise the trends in the most watched

videos on YouTube

Naturally generated views give you possibility that your clip can appear in most popular videos on YouTube in your country and that could help you reach additional audience for promoted content.

Reach desirable groups of viewers

in your selected country

We can deliver hundreds of thousands of unique views per day.

It all depends on your target group and campaign settings.

Pay only for verified and accounted for views

on YouTube as per CPV (cost per view)

Unlike ad networks, we will bill you only for views counted on YouTube.

Results of your campaign can be tracked live on your dashboard.

Promote your video in 4 simple steps

1. Create

campaign by adding links
to your clip on YouTube

2. Set up

targets (country, gender, age
and publishers’ topic pages)

3. Specify

your budget and the duration
of your campaign

4. Analyse

results in real time through
an extensive system of statistics

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