Self-service platform to promote video on YouTube

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Are you Advertiser?

Start promoting your video
uploaded to YouTube

Are you Publisher?

Earn money by publishing video
on your blog, website or social media profile!


Your YouTube Video

Promote with ViralSeed® platform

distrybute your video online through

Native video placement on websites and blogs

Social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter

The effects of promotion with ViralSeed®

Advertisers’ advantages

The high audience engagement

Users decide what they want to watch.

Configure campaign

with easy to use ViralSeed® platform


only user initiated views by Click-To-Play


greater involvement of viewers in watched content

Publishers’ advantages

Do you run a blog, website or social media profile? Earn money by publishing video.

Monetize your audience. Share a campaign and earn $$$ on generated views.

Build on

the most spectator friendly form – native video placement

Monetize reach

of your social media profiles
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other)

Increase revenue,

don’t opt out from your current ads.

Viewers’ advantages

Viewers consume natively placed video content and generate a natural growth of the organic views

They comment, like and share the video, further increasing viral effect!

Viewers watch

interesting social video content 

published on visited websites

Viewers generate

trends to the most watched videos on YouTube

Viewers share

the most interesting clips with friends and followers